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Performance Monitoring of Windows Servers

Windows Performance Monitoring Templates

Topper Perfmon automation monitors Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2010 and their supporting processes, services and performance counters. It does this without installing any agent software whatsoever.

Topper performance monitoring sets up fast. It is light on configuration and maintenance because of Topper Perfmon Templates. These are sets of performance counters to monitor. They are Templates because they do not have to exist on the server being monitored. You can apply a Perfmon Super Set to computers without having to worry about the exact configuration of that Windows Server. If a performance counter does not exist on a particular Windows Server, then Topper simply ignores it and continues with those counters that do exist. This enables the rapid deployment of monitoring Windows Servers. And if there is to be an upgrade to more CPUs or disk drives, then you add those to the set. When the upgrades occur then Topper will 'see' the new device and proceed to actively monitor the new equipment. Today's IT, Messaging, and Web Server professionals need to be as effective and efficient as possible. This is simply the best approach to get Microsoft Windows Servers monitored 24 by 7 by 365 quickly and efficiently.

Windows Exchange Server Performance Metrics with Intuitive Color-coded Display and Alarming

Monitor Exchange Server Work Queues and Exchange MTA Check Point Depth

You set the thresholds for CPU utilization, disk usage, memory usage, etc. Any counter accessible to Windows Performance Monitor can be watched, 24 by 7, with your own thresholds and production expectations in place. Set it to watch MTA connections and to trigger on no activity. Have it look at Exchange MTA Work Queue Lengths and alarm when they grow beyond your normal production flow. Topper will also alarm if those queue do not fall to zero indicating messages stuck in queue. Have all these indicators plugged in to Topper's powerful notification system that alerts network personnel via pager, email notifications, and SNMP traps. Topper can also call external programs to integrate with other network products already in use.

Real-time Web-based Charting of Perfrom Counters

The chart below shows three performance severity thresholds: 70, 80, and 90 percent of CPU utilization. They are seen in the yellow, orange, and red bars respectively. In addition to Topper's several real-time monitoring reports is its Alarming Notifications. Alarm notification such as text paging, and email, and SNMP traps will automatically alert staff when these thresholds are exceeded. (Please note that Topper has user-defined parameters so that you can specify how long a condition must persist (Grace Period) before notifications are sent to operations personnel.

Lotus Notes Domino Server Performance Metrics - Web-based, Java-Enabled, Realtime Strip Charting

Reporting Windows Performance Monitoring

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